Carpet & Carpet Tiles

We offer a complete Design, Planning and Installation service for all types of carpet and carpet tile floors coverings and can assist you in selecting both the right Floor Covering and the most cost-effective solution.

One of the most popular requested floor coverings, carpet is chosen by many of our commercial flooring clients throughout London and the Home Counties for its hardwearing, versatile & cost-effective nature.


Why Choose Carpet?

  • New advances in Carpet Design, especially with commercial carpet tiles, allow a greater expression for different areas within a building.
  • You can add design by using colour patterning or alternating textures which will add interest to the space, creating a very pleasant place to work in!

  • Carpet and carpet tiles absorb ambient noise, such as many people talking in an office environment. This facilitates a quieter environment for all to work in.

  • Soft floor coverings add warmth to the space both physically and expressively. They have low heat conduction and are natural thermal insulators, leading to reduced energy bills.

  • Safety – The soft resilient fibres of a carpet provide a cushioning effect with excellent orthopaedic properties. This lowers the risk of injury in the event of a fall.

  • Normal daily cleaning and routine periodic maintenance of carpet is quick, easy and very low cost compared to other floor types.

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Keep those carpets clean

Clean carpets are healthier – it is vitally important to protect your staff from contaminants that live and breed in carpets.